Today, Switzerland has several successful startup initiatives and supporters, but many work in silos. There is not enough collaboration. An ecosystem is needed where ideas, talent and capital flow accelerated and coordinated between startups, corporates and funds.

Silicon Valley works because there is such a high density of people working on startups and they are inclined to help each other.

Kick Foundation – Shaping the Future, We strengthen Switzerland as innovation and business location by increasing the talent pool and by accelerating the innovation process through cross-linking initiatives, communities, clusters and partners involved in this process.

About Kick

Kick Foundation – shaping the future

We strengthen Switzerland as a location for innovation and business by connecting both our own and associated initiatives for the Kick Program and creating optimum links and interfaces in order to accelerate the innovation process.

A strong consortium of private and public partners that aims to strengthen Switzerland as A LOCATION FOR innovation and business

  • We catalyze the innovation process by cross-linking successful bottom-up and corporate initiatives, communities, clusters and partners along the innovation chain.
  • We increase the innovation pipeline by expanding the talent pool in Switzerland and attracting international talents.
  • We strengthen the financial and entrepreneurial community.
  • We professionalize corporate venturing.
  • We generate vigor and visibility for the Swiss innovation ecosystem through critical-scale community hubs.

The VISION of this national strategy is to:

  • create a powerful programme built on existing successful startup initiatives along the innovation chain, Venture Kick being the core of the program;
  • offer a single point of entry for entrepreneurs (support) and companies (funding);
  • accelerate the innovation and funding process and facilitate proof of concept under real life conditions;
  • exploit the full innovation potential of all clusters and increase the pipeline of high-impact cases;
  • help companies to innovate and create a powerful startup ecosystem;
  • position Switzerland as the most attractive startup location in Europe and accelerate the globalization of Swiss startups.

Kick Ecosystem

We coordinate and cross-link initiatives in Switzerland and consolidate the international network for the benefit of the Swiss entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.

Kick Program

Kick Foundation connects our own and associated initiatives under one roof.


  • an initiative with a proven track record or high potential;
  • an initiative with national and/or international coverage;
  • an initiative/management ready to collaborate and network with Kick Foundation initiatives.

The following key initiatives are part of the

KickStart Accelerator – Idea Generator – Gateway:
The summer camp with a broad and international focus generates business ideas for the Swiss innovation pipeline and is the entrance hall of the Kick program.

Venture Kick – Incorporation – Core:
The fast-track business development and incorporation program for high-quality business cases. Venture Kick is the backbone of the acceleration landscape and the core of the Kick program.

Impact Hub – Network – Community Home:
The impact hub is the center of gravity and community home of the Swiss innovation and startup ecosystem.

CTI Invest – Matchmaking – Finance:
The leading financial platform designed to matchmake startups, investors and industrial partners.

Startupticker – Promotion – Showcase:
The Swiss news channel for entrepreneurs, innovators and supporters to generate visibility.

The KickStart Accelerator exploits untapped business potential nationally and from abroad.

The program targets:

  • Entrepreneurs from abroad
  • Intrapreneurs from corporates

KickStart offers the best startup accelerator package in Europe:

  • Free accommodation & office space for 3 month in Zurich
  • Up to CHF 25,000 in seed-fundig per team
  • Monthly founder stipend
  • Fasttrack access to the Swiss innovation ecosystem 

KickStart – The gateway for entrepreneurs to start their business idea in Switzerland


The KickStart Accelerator is an initiative of the Kick Foundation in cooperation with DigitalZurich2025.

Early identification, structuring & promotion of high-quality, knowledge-based business ideas with the vision to:

  • double the number of startups/innovations
  • cut the time-to-market by half
  • increase attractiveness of startups for investors

A structured, three-step business development process plus risk capital lead to the creation of high-impact startups in 9 months.

The Venture Kick community has its home at the Impact Hub.

Venture Kick is the backbone of the acceleration landscape and the core of the Kick program.

Venture Kick – We turn your business idea into a successful venture

A do tank and co-working space for the Swiss innovation ecosystem:

  • Exchange, collaboration and open innovation
  • Startups, investors, mentors, entrepreneurs, innovators in residence
  • Know-how exchange, workshops, events
  • National and international networked community manager for clusters (digital Kick, fintech Kick, creative Kick)

The ecosystem's center of gravity with an international reputation.

Impact Hub – We prototype the future of the business

The leading financing platform for innovative startups in Switzerland designed to matchmake and network startups, investors and industrial partners:

  • Swiss Venture Days: Matchmaking events in Switzerland and abroad
  • Networking events: Swiss Startup Day (formerly CEO Day), innovation roundtable, investor lunches
  • Educational events: Angel day for investors, lean days for startups

CTI Invest – The Swiss Leading Financing Platform

The Swiss startup news channel

  • National online platform for entrepreneurs, innovators and supporters
  • Increase the visibility of Swiss innovation
  • Highlight the vibrant startup scene 
  • Daily information on company results, innovation launches, growth, financing, exits, support services, events and award tenders
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Annual Swiss Venture Capital Report
  • Regular networking events such as the startupticker brunch

Startupticker – The independent Swiss innovation news channel

Kick Impact

Kick-Start Accelerator Program (2016 launch)

  • 100 national (35%) and international (65%) participants with early-stage business ideas

Venture Kick (since 2007)

  • 380 startup projects financed 
  • 270 incorporated companies 
  • 3,500 jobs created 
  • CHF 700 million raised by startups
  • 100 Venture Kick community members

Impact Hub (since 2010)

  • 650 members in Switzerland
  • 200 + events/workshops in Switzerland
  • 60+ impact hubs worldwide
  • 12,000 members worldwide

CTI Invest (since 2003)

  • 90 investor members
  • 460 startups presented to investors
  • 50% of presented startups found financing
  • CHF 550 million in funding raised by startups
  • 600 participants at the Swiss Startup Day

Startupticker (since 2010)

  • 15,600 unique visitors
  • 6,500 newsletter subscriptions 
  • 3.700 Twitter followers

Kick Organisation

Kick Foundation is financed by a strong consortium of private and public partners.

The foundation board defines the strategy in close collaboration with the mandate-related board of the respective initiative. 




  • ETH Zürich
  • Gebert Rüf Stiftung
  • Engagement Migros Development Fund
  • Swisscom


Associated Partners


  • Christian Wenger, CTI Invest, President
  • Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler, Swisscom, Vice President
  • Detlef Günther, ETH Zürich, Member
  • Ruedi Noser, Noser Management, Member
  • Stefan Schöbi, Engagement Migros Development Fund, Member
  • Roland Siegwart, Gebert Rüf Stiftung, Member

Advisory Board

To be set up at a later date

Mandate-related boards

To be set up at a later date